Profe. Steinberg is a College Professor of Spanish currently at Spokane Falls Community College where she works as a Spanish Instructor for the Spanish series 121-122 and 123 courses.  She is also the Spanish tutor at the Spokane Community College and enjoys helping students go abroad to Salamanca to learn Spanish in the summer. 

This website is created to serve you as a guide and help based on your interests or needs.  You can navigate by clicking on the links and use my Spanish blog to start working on your Spanish abilities and challenge yourself. Just rememer use the proper Netiquette guidelines for writing emails & forum posts. 

Spanish Club at SFCC
International Film Festival Garland Theater


Study Spanish in Spain next summer!  2017

Languague and Culture

To introce yourself it is easy!


  1. To sound better with these phrases, learn how the Spanish letters are pronounced.

  2. Don't be afraid to sound silly. In nearly any Spanish-speaking area, even the feeblest attempts to speak Spanish will be honored.

  3. Practice pronunciation & intonation at StydySpanish.com             

We welcome an enthusiastic community of dancers, beginning and fluent language speakers, and artists who gather to interact with people who are passionate about other cultures.

We encourage to learn music, language, dance, and art are natural partners -Learn Spanish Culture in Spokane!